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Yin Yang Energy Balancing Necklace



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    Yin Yang is a Chinese symbol that represents duality. For example, it can be light and dark. It can mean energetic balances, and it also views the balances in masculine-feminine energies that can be between separate people and even within the same person. Yin ( (); representis the receptive (female) force of nature, or yang ( (); represents the creative (male) force of nature. 

    The yin yang symbol is famous in pendants, as it has perfect balance and excellent proportions. When hanging down your neck, the symbol is eye-catching and stylish.

    When worn, the Yin Yang pendant represents the harmony and dis-harmonies in your life of duality. This is a peaceful symbol to bring more energetic balance into the specific areas that will benefit you most. If it is the masculinity-femininity within you or outer tensions, this amulet will be your guardian.
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