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Tibetan Buddhist Milletia Wood Amitabha Mantra Bracelet

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    Millettia wood is a perennial flowering tree found in Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. It has many uses, some for cuisine and some for medical purposes, as the wood has Sathon or Millettia sauce extracted from the tree and is considered a precious material.

    Millettia has long been a sought-after wood in wordsmithing due to its outstanding qualities. A unique combination of Fire and Air elemental associations can excel at providing free, non-grounded power and fiery, focused energy. A specialized attribute is given the above; Millettia also excels at mood stabilization- Which catches most people off-guard at first if not aware of its full character. Calming one’s mind,  Millettia can produce a very high-quality experience with its deep energetic expertise, which some have described as "soul-touching."  It promotes balanced thought when one might feel overwhelmed. Or, in turn, produce a fierce drive forward if desire or focus is the key.  Works well for any meditation work for centering. Millettia is one of a few kinds of wood that will not only create a large energy field around it for most types of work but can simultaneously or solely "turn off everything" and center its holder. Useful for dispersing dark energies as well. Millettia will create a firm bond with its user and be an incredibly loyal companion... so much so that its energy ripples can remain with whom it desires when separated. 

    This wood is used in old cultures as a magical wood, specifically for healing and curing spiritual illness. It is considered a precious wood and has many spiritual and healing properties. Besides, it has a stunning color and a unique patina that will only get nicer in time. It is light, pleasant in smell, and has some spiritual and healing properties.

    Tibetan Buddhist Millettia wood bracelet is blessed with the Amitabha Mantra. This mantra means “To overcome all hindrances and obstacles.” It is said to protect you from harm and help you overcome obstacles standing in the way of Enlightenment. One’s loving, compassionate nature is enhanced, and many blessings await those who wear this bracelet and chant this mantra. Om Ami Dewa Hrih Om: I invoke the Universal sound Ami: Infinite, limitless light Dewa: Deity, Buddha-nature Hrih: With conscientiousness and self-respect. 

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