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Black Onyx Wealth And Protection Ring

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    “Onyx comes through Latin (of the same spelling), from the Greek ὄνυξ, meaning “claw” or “fingernail." Black Onyx gives you the willpower to decide the right thing for you. It helps you fight for yourself and win against your opponents. You can stand out and prove yourself. It can help you strengthen the bond with your loved ones and attract each other in your relationships.

    Black Onyx can protect you against evil spirits and destructive temptations. Therefore, it can be worn if you want to get rid of any bad habit. It protects you from the negative energies of the surroundings, as well as negative people around you. Spiritual healing is one of the effects of wearing Black Onyx. It connects your soul to the Earth and awakens your psychic senses. It is an excellent choice amongst other gemstones for meditation, as it has a grounding and centering effects as well. .” Black Onyx helps in the healing of different problems of sensory organs, mainly associated with the ears, such as hearing disorders and tinnitus.

    This precious stone is your companion in challenges, so you face hurdles quickly. You can rely on this gemstone to develop clarity in your goals.

    Black onyx can be used in many forms to provide you with strong, supportive, and stable energy. Some possibilities include:

    • Money and wealth amulets, such as Pi YaoWu Lou (Chinese gourd), three-legged frog, etc.
    • Various zodiac animals, such as the dragon, the ox, etc.
    • Protective Feng Shui cures, such as Dzi beads amulets and bracelets, and fu dog black onyx carvings by the front door.

    Of course, wearing jewelry is one of the best ways to benefit from the energy of crystals and stones, and black onyx ring is no exception! Choose this ring to help you slow down and persevere in a nourished and supportive kind of way.