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Golden Sheen Obsidian Wizard Stone Pi Yao Bracelet

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    Gold Sheen Obsidian is a stone of magic, known in ancient times as the Wizard’s Stone. Obsidian is born when molten lava oozes from the core to the Earth's surface and solidifies into a beautiful glass. The gorgeous gold sheen results from gas getting trapped in the volcanic glass as it rapidly solidifies. Gold Obsidian helps us dive deep within to face our deepest fears and traumas at their root. Only when we understand and overcome those issues can we begin to set course on life's golden path. It helps to put the ego at bay so one can think clearly, and objectively. It is for anyone embarking on a journey to figure themselves out and find their life purpose while remaining protected from all negative energies. 

    It is a gemstone that you can use to grasp success in the middle to long term. It will also help its owner to prevent "crapola," "splurge: "smoking", etc... which tends to be the source of negative energy. "Laziness," "greediness," "lust," rage," and "self-denial" will be alleviated at the same time. It helps you regain peaceful everyday life.                                                                                                                                                                              

    ABOUT PI YAO:                                      

    The Pi Yao is recognized as a potent Cure and Enhancer all around the world. This mystical good luck creature is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon, whose task is to provide the blessings of good finance and wealth luck. The Pi Yao also has a unique look and is a combination of various animals. It has the face of a lion-dog and a single horn. It has 4 legs and hooves, as well as a tail and tiny wing.  Pi Yao is a very loyal creature and will always attempt to rid its owners' life of bad luck and replace it with wealth luck. A fascinating fact about this creature is that it does not have an anus, so that, despite its never-ending appetite, things go in yet never come out. This is a unique symbolism, indicating that money will come to you but never leave.                                                                   

    Pi Yao offers protection and auspicious luck and is also known as the lottery god as many believe by placing lottery cards under him will bring good luck.

    A popular use of Pi Yao is as a personal amulet, such as a bracelet or a keychain, because it allows you always to have your loyal personal protector nearby!


    The Pi Yao is believed to offer its owner a minimum of eight blessings, which are named below:
    1. Brings fortune and good tidings
    2. Producer of good Feng Shui or Earth luck
    3. Attracts wealth and prosperity
    4. Safeguards the home and the residents in it
    5. Exterminates evil, adversity and obstacles
    6. Summons windfall luck
    7. Protects from accident during travel
    8. Appeases a specific type of negative energy, called the Grand Duke (Tai Sui)

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