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Green Tibetan Color Changing Pixui Wealth Bracelet

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    Tibetan Lucky Knots are purely handmade by Buddhists Oracles, and each one takes somewhere between 1 and 3 days. The Buddhist artisans recite a mantra and bless the Tibetan bracelets, so they are always associated with good luck. The blessing lasts forever, giving the Buddhist bracelet meaning for eternity.

    The creation process is meticulous, and a real Buddhist bracelet is only ever forged by an authentic Tibetan monk. They come in various colors, and they match any style. All the materials are assembled in a sustainable way that encourages the continuous cycle of nature. Many feature intricate patterns or designs that are sacred to Zen Buddhism. However, it’s not only Buddhists that wear these string bracelets. They are also common in Hinduism, Kabbalah, and Christianity.                          

    Tibetan Knot bracelets are excellent protectors against negative energy. The knots of the bracelets are tied together during the repetition of the mantras. While making knots, they repetitively recite mantras for the goodwill of the wearer. These monks are quite rare, and you are fortunate enough to have one of these bracelets tied to your wrists. 

    The word ‘mantra’ itself is from the ancient Sanskrit, meaning ‘mind (man) vehicle (tra).’ When recited or chanted, the sounds build a positive and powerful vibration that creates the perfect meditation environment. You can use them yourself to experience the sheer self-reflective power of meditation or even create your own Tibetan knot bracelet.

     The bracelets are not meant to rest on your wrists. It’s a guiding light in the form of a string bracelet that holds infinite wisdom and blessings of enlightened gurus. Every challenge you take, you’ll achieve the state that directs your mind towards success.  

    Green Tibetan bracelets are all about nature and the natural laws of the universe. A color of balance, green bracelets help to stabilize your aura, bringing harmony and good fortune. It represents the heart chakra and attracts prosperity and abundance into your life.

    Tibetan Buddhist Knot bracelet means having a personal instrument of luck and protection. It brings back the lost faith and makes you believe that you’re not alone. 


    Pi Xiu is a powerful Chinese talisman to brings riches into the home or workplace. 

    Perhaps even more important is the notion that this creature will not permit wealth to leave home or workplace.

    Pi Xiu is especially popular among businesspeople, investors, and gamblers in Asia. It is a dominant attractor of money.


    The Pixiu provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:

    • Conducts good luck and fortune
    • Generate good Feng Shui or earth luck
    • Enhances wealth and riches
    • Protects individuals and building
    • Protects against evil forces, obstacles, and hardship
    • It brings unexpected windfall luck

    One of the popular ways to retain a Pixiu is to wear it on a bracelet.


    Should I wear it on my left hand or right hand?

    The Pixiu bracelet should be worn with the left hand, instead of the right hand, it is noted that if you wear it on the left, it symbolizes attracting good wealth luck, and if you wear it on the right, it is giving away your wealth to other people.


    Where should I place it when I am not wearing it?

    When you are sleeping, taking a bath, or in any other situation that you are not wearing, you should place it in the living room, with the head facing towards the main door. Please do not put it in your bedroom.


    Primary Function: 

    Attract Wealth


    Ward Off Evil Spirit

    Bring Good Luck

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