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Luck & Protection Scorpion Garnet 925 Sterling Silver Ring

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    Red Garnet is a stone of fidelity. Steeped in ancient magic, this is an energizing, cleansing, and regenerating stone with various uses and benefits. Once carried as a protective talisman, garnet was believed to warn of upcoming danger. Garnet inspires love, and devotion, balancing the sex drive and eliminating emotional disharmony during the month. Red Garnet also helps with controlling Kundalini energy.


    ABOUT CHINESE SCORPION:                                                                                             

    Scorpions are solitary – part of the reason why they symbolize protection. Many people with the scorpion as their totem tend to have brief spells of passion with a partner only to end the relationship and spend extended periods content to be alone. The Scorpion will mate in an exotic dance of desire and control. The Scorpion sex dance is one of beauty, management, and calculation.

    As a symbol of protection, we can consider the scorpion's venomous tip, which numbs its prey and makes its target chemically digestible.

    The scorpion is associated with the Sun, and ancient writings depict Scorpion-men guarding (protecting) sacred gateways leading to ascension, pleasure, and enlightenment. In Chinese culture, the scorpion is considered lucky for they have eight legs, and the number 8 is a lucky number.
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