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Natural Jade Wu Luo Longivity Bracelet

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    “dream stone,” Jade brings insightful dreams; it is also a symbol of serenity and purity.  It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility.  It develops love and nurturing.  A protective stone, Jade keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony.  Jade attracts good luck and friendship.  It stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency.  It soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts. It aids emotional release, especially irritability.  Jade encourages you to become who you are.Jade will help you have a positive attitude towards money, and it will make you visualize yourself working, earning, and using money purposefully and creatively.

    Jade aids the body’s filtration and elimination of organs. It is excellent for treating kidney problems and adrenal glands.  Jade removes toxins, rebinds skeletal and cellular systems, and heals stitches. It assists fertility and childbirth.  


    ABOUT THE STONE GOURD OR “WULOU”                              

    This special bottle gourd called Wu Lou has been a symbol of longevity, good health, and prosperity for many centuries. The Wu Lou, also known as the Hu Lu or calabash, is an essential tool to enhance Feng Shui's effects.

    The shape itself of the Wu Lou plays an essential role in its image; it depicts heaven and earth unified. The top half of the gourd symbolizes heaven, and the bottom half is earth. The use of the gourd by humans indicates the harmony between earth, heaven, and humanity.

    The Wu Lou is also said to have the ability to absorb bad chi because Taoist monks use the gourd to incarcerate evil spirits. According to Chinese mythology, monks and deities of the Taoist belief used the gourd, trapping evil presences inside to prevent them from causing misdemeanor. This is where the Wu Lou got the ideology of absorbing negative chi in your surroundings.

    The Wu Lou is used to attract money and as a Feng Shui cure for health and good luck.
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